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science over stigma

We could all be taking better care of ourselves, but where to start?

We start with the brain. It runs every function in our bodies, but most of us don't know much about it because outdated stigmas taught us to be shy about our mental wellness.

Well, we're here to stand up for our brains, delivering easy-to-learn, science-backed tools proven to help you recalibrate —
to think clearer, feel better, and live happier.

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Our experience spans industry breadth and depth:

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client praise

Our 5-star reviews show Recalibrate’s power: real science, real tools & real impact for real people.

I have tried meditation before unsuccessfully. Recalibrate has helped me break through my skepticism and actually use the meditation tools.
— Gretchen, Chief Operating Officer of Emancipet
Too often, stress becomes about self-shaming rather than solutions. Recalibrate covered [...] stress and its effects on the body in scientific terms and that helped me reframe the conversation around mental health.
— lauren, Content Strategist at Publicis.Sapient
What helps is that Gloria has a relatable, high-stress background as she teaches wellness techniques that are applicable to a corporate setting. If she only had a yoga or wellness background, I probably wouldn’t have even attended the class.
— David, Director at National Private Equity Firm
I have been thinking about adding meditation to my life for a while. Hearing the science behind it and being given some simple ways to start really encouraged me to get started, finally.
— Melissa, Developer at Lithium Technologies
For such a scientifically derived subject matter, Recalibrate did a wonderful job in breaking down, without overindulging, how our brains work and how it relates to daily stress; as well as mindfulness and self-awareness
— Tim, Account Manager at National Signs
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Modern stress relief, mindfulness, meditation, and neurowellness for corporate wellness and personal wellness based in Austin, TX

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