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Private Group Meditation Classes

Guided meditation classes for private groups (up to 10) to provide stress relief, mental concentration, mental clarity, and / or emotional acuity; pricing does not include custom venue / location rental

$105 for 30-min class | $125 for 45-min class
optional essential oil aromatherapy and meditation floor pillows

Wellness Parties + Events | Self-Care Soirées (popular for retreats, birthdays, brides & grooms)

We give you and your guests the "me time" you deserve in a luxurious and celebratory style! For parties and gatherings, help you throw a party that rejuvenates your minds, hearts, and bodies via custom-tailored activities like guided meditation instruction, skincare masks, essential oil aromatherapy, blending your own soaking salts, the art of journaling, connected conversation, and more.

For bridal and bachelorette parties, we come onsite to provide guided meditations to reset and prep your minds, hearts, and bodies to make sure you’re balanced and composed for the big day!

starting at $285 — please inquire for quick pricing quote

Private Mindfulness Coaching

We discuss the state of your mind, emotions, and body, as well as current or future stresses -- where I will provide a tailored blend of mindfulness coaching, guided meditation, & individual development that will leave you feeling more calm, confident, and balanced. Includes optional soothing sounds and / or essential oil aromatherapy.

$125 per 60-min onsite | $105 per 45-min onsite | $85 per 30-min onsite
please inquire for virtual session pricing

hi hi, new clients! please don’t forget to inquire about introductory pricing!

Gloria has an incredible skill of instantly making you feel comfortable with quieting your mind (this can be difficult and awkward for many people)! I’ve always known the benefits of mindfulness and meditation but very much appreciated learning about the science. Gloria’s services stand out from others in the same space, as I find her more approachable, relatable and knowledgeable.
— Shveta, Project Manager at Sense Corp
For such a scientifically derived subject matter, Recalibrate did a wonderful job in breaking down, without overindulging, how our brains work and how it relates to daily stress; as well as mindfulness and self-awareness
— Tim, Account Manager at National Signs
I have tried meditation before unsuccessfully. Recalibrate has helped me break through my skepticism and actually use the meditation tools.
— Gretchen, Chief Operating Officer at Emancipet
I have been thinking about adding meditation to my life for a while. Hearing the science behind it and being given some simple ways to start really encouraged me to get started, finally.
— Melissa, Developer at Lithium Technologies