mindfulness fundamentals


Join us for our signature intro series, where you will learn:

  • what mindfulness is and why it’s important

  • how to become less controlled by stress and and more mentally balanced amidst a busy, go-getter life

  • five modern meditation styles to add to your daily toolbox

  • critical science & research behind mindfulness for health

  • small-group weekly classes combined with individual coaching at weekly “office hours”

    (scroll down to see detailed breakout of content per class!)

Tuesday evenings at The Riveter Austin Downtown
four weeks from 6:30p to 7:15p

October 22
October 29
November 5
November 12

small group classes | individual follow-up coaching | all welcome!

Modern Mindfulness Fundamentals

4-Week Workshop Series

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detailed curriculum breakout

Session 1 on May 21

  • What is mindfulness?

  • What are everyday examples?

  • Application & importance of key tenants of mindfulness

  • Intro mindfulness meditation

Session 2 on May 28

  • Body-brain science and health impact of stress, mindfulness, and meditation

  • Breath and body based meditations

  • Implementing mindfulness in daily life

Session 3 on June 4

  • Misconceptions of mindfulness

  • Tackling common challenges to practicing mindfulness

  • Stillness and non-doing meditations

Session 4 on June 11

  • Closed vs open attention meditations

  • Sitting meditation

  • Walking meditation

  • Closing + certificates!