modern mindfulness fundamentals


Join us for our newest class series, where you will learn:

  • what mindfulness is and why it’s important

  • eight modern meditation practices to add to your daily toolbox

  • how to implement mindfulness to busy, high-stress lives

  • how to tackle challenges of mindfulness

  • science-based impacts on our mental and physical health

  • tailored small-group and individual coaching

    (scroll down to see detailed breakout of content per class!)

Tuesday evenings at The Riveter Austin Downtown
four weeks from 6:30p to 7:15p

May 21
May 28
June 4
June 11

small group format | all are welcome!

Modern Mindfulness Fundamentals

4-Week Workshop Series

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detailed curriculum breakout

Session 1 on May 21

  • What is mindfulness?

  • What are everyday examples?

  • Application & importance of key tenants of mindfulness

  • Intro mindfulness meditation

Session 2 on May 28

  • Body-brain science and health impact of stress, mindfulness, and meditation

  • Breath and body based meditations

  • Implementing mindfulness in daily life

Session 3 on June 4

  • Misconceptions of mindfulness

  • Tackling common challenges to practicing mindfulness

  • Stillness and non-doing meditations

Session 4 on June 11

  • Closed vs open attention meditations

  • Sitting meditation

  • Walking meditation

  • Closing + certificates!