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Mind, Body & Fuel

  • The Riveter 1145 West 5th St Austin TX (map)

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Learn from modern experts in psychology, nutrition, and fitness as we talk food, fitness, and mindfulness to improve our everyday wellness!

About this Event

We look forward to having you come Recalibrate with education, meditation, and community!

Kick off September with Austin experts in psychology, nutrition, and fitness as we talk all things modern mind, eating, and exercise. We'll debunk dieting misnomers, cover eating practices rooted in whole-body, brain-gut health, dig into important intersections of mental and physical health, and share realistic practices that provide real impact.

We know that eating and exercise can feel clouded by the latest trends and buzz, so we're jazzed to be delivering some refreshing clarity behind topics like:

  • What factors of psychology most strongly drive our eating and exercise habits? How does everyday mental health directly impact our physical health?

  • What do we need to know about today's most popular nutrition topics like keto, intuitive eating, food-as-medicine, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory eating? What dieting misconceptions or misapplications can hinder us more than help us?

  • What are top *realistic* ways to identify / implement changes in eating / exercise that are healthy to our bodies and minds? How can we use mindfulness as a daily tool for optimal awareness and health?

Our absolute rockstar panel of experts and their bios are below. In addition to the panel, we'll lead an opening meditation and closing takeaway activity, as well as giveaways and raffles from local food + fitness providers!


  • 5:30p to 5:45p - Arrival + connecting

  • 5:45p to 6:00p - Opening meditation

  • 6:00p to 7:15p - Panel + Q&A

  • 7:15p to 7:30p - Closing activity + giveaway raffles!

Education, meditation, and community for #healthyminds!

About the panelists

Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian with a contagious passion for using nutrients and food as the foundation of treatment protocols and programs. Ali has influenced millions through the medical community and media with television, print, and her award winning podcast, Naturally Nourished. She is the author of Naturally Nourished (2016), The Anti-Anxiety Diet (2018) and her newest book The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook (2019). Her Food-As-Medicine philosophy is supported by up-to-date scientific research for a functional approach to healing the body. Ali is a renowned expert in the ketogenic diet with over a decade of clinical results using a unique whole foods approach tailored to support thyroid, adrenal and hormonal balance.

Peter Craig, MA, LPC-I bridges all things psychotherapy, fitness, and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Peter is a psychotherapist at Austin Professional Counseling, a JuiceLand-sponsored triathlete, a regular contributing author to mental health columns in Austin Fit Magazine, and an expert in experiential mindfulness. Peter is a certified coach in the psychology of eating, helping clients with their relationships with food and overall wellness goals. Peter received his Masters in Counseling from St. Edward's University and his Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Charlotte Howard is a psychologist and co-owner of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, a practice of 29 clinicians here in Austin. She specializes in a variety of practice areas including self-love, confidence, stress, and social anxiety - providing a holistic approach focused on mind, body, and spirit. In addition to being a leading individual and group psychologist in Austin, Charlotte has presented at the American Psychological Association, been published in several national and international professional psychology journals, trained other clinicians in specialized fields, and authored the book Awaken to Love. Charlotte completed her doctorate in Counseling Psychology on a full fellowship at the University of Iowa and holds a Bachelor in Arts from the Middlebury College in Vermont with a major in Therapy as a Synthesis of Mind, Body, Spirit & Sense of Place.

Shveta Moller, MHA is a multifaceted expert in wellness, food, and finding daily balance amidst a demanding daily corporate life. Outside of her full-time work, Shveta is the curator of @top_austin_restaurantsand the owner and blogger of @atx_bites, is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and has lived a personally transformational journey in her relationship with food. Full-time during the week, Shveta is as a Project Manager in Fortune 500 management consulting for Sense Corp, leading consulting project teams and often traveling for work. Shveta additionally holds a Master's in Health Administration from Texas Woman's University and a Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin.

About the moderator

Gloria Chan is a mindfulness expert and owner of Recalibrate. After an unexpected medical battle amidst an established career as a leader in Fortune 500 management consulting, Gloria opened Recalibrate to revolutionize mental wellness for go-getters. Recalibrate provides a uniquely modern and science-based set of corporate and individual services in mindfulness, mental wellness, and stress management. Since opening in 2018, Recalibrate has worked with dozens of Central Texas employers and hundreds of individuals. Gloria's education includes Mindfulness Teacher Certification from The Mindfulness Center in Washington, D.C., Coherence Therapy training with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, Executive Education in Corporate Strategy from Columbia University, and a Bachelor's in Corporate Finance and the Business Honors Program from the University of Texas at Austin.

About Recalibrate

Recalibrate provides modern mindfulness, mental wellness, and stress management services to corporate and individual clients in Austin, TX. Our uniquely science-based, realistic, and eye-opening approach focuses on empowering high-achieving clients while destigmatizing the conversation around mental health. We work for #healthyminds in everything we do!

Full event info + tickets HERE