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Onsite Training Series

Starting at $1,055 for up to 30 participants

The below series of workshops can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or at any other frequency that aligns with your company’s needs.

Mindfulness Starter Series | Starting at $1,055 for up to 30 participants
Give your people a strong foundation in mindfulness with this three-class series, equipping them with everyday skills that increase stress management, mental clarity, thought pattern awareness, and mental and physical wellness. (See full description here)

Mental Strength Series | Starting at $965 for up to 30 participants
This three-class series focuses on building a foundation of mindfulness focused on mental strength, acuity, and productivity. (See full description here)

Emotional IQ + Resilience Series | Starting at $1,275 for up to 30 participants
This four-class series focuses on building a foundation of emotional intelligence and resilience to give your people the knowledge and skills to manage through difficult situations such as critical feedback, performance setbacks, and interpersonal conflicts. (See full description here)

Onsite Workshops

Interactive, science-based educational workshops on modern mindfulness and mental health topics — delivering eye-opening education and relatable implementation tips for high-achieving professionals.

Science of Stress & Mindfulness Intro (most popular)  ·  Intermediate Mindfulness & Meditation  ·  Modern Mental Health Series  ·  Science of Self-Care for Go-Getters  ·  Science of Emotion: Intro  ·  Science of Emotion: Mindfulness & Difficult Emotions  ·  Science of Emotion: Self-Criticism and Self-Confidence  ·  Mindful Productivity: Do More, Feel Better  ·   Mindful Management  ·  Mindful Eating

$355 per 60-min class | for up to 30 attendees* | as low as $12 per person
Attendance per class is recommended to be 30 or less in order to sustain each session’s quality of connection, interaction, & learning, but please inquire about accommodating larger groups

*does note include core Intro Science of Stress & Mindfulness which is 90-min and $435

Onsite Meditation Classes

Guided mindfulness meditation classes for employees throughout the workday to provide stress relief, mental concentration, mental clarity, and / or emotional acuity. 

$105 for 30-min class | $125 for 45-min class
optional add-ons: essential oil aromatherapy $10 per class | meditation floor pillow rental $3 ea

Onsite 1:1 Employee Sessions

We come onsite and employees book our calendar throughout the day for one-on-one sessions -- tailoring mindfulness coaching, guided meditation, & corporate coaching. Think of it as a mini therapy session, resetting mental and emotional energy while also incorporating actionable problem-solving. Includes optional essential oil aromatherapy and / or soothing soundscapes.

$155 per hr for <4 hrs | $145 per hr for 4 to 8 hrs | $135 per hr for 8 hrs

Wellness Retreats & Company Offsites

We add wellbeing to your company retreats and offsites by offering everything from one-time sessions to full retreat design. Offering areas include education and programming on mindfulness, meditation, digital detox, human connection, and stress management — again, all rooted in science and communicated in a concise, relatable, and fun method.

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What helps is that Gloria has a relatable, high-stress background as she teaches wellness techniques that are applicable to a corporate setting. If she only had a yoga or wellness background, I probably wouldn’t have even attended the class.
I have been thinking about adding meditation to my life for a while. Hearing the science behind it and being given some simple ways to start really encouraged me to get started, finally.
— Melissa, Developer at Lithium Technologies
For such a scientifically derived subject matter, Recalibrate did a wonderful job in breaking down, without overindulging, how our brains work and how it relates to daily stress; as well as mindfulness and self-awareness.
— Tim, Account Manager at National Signs
I have tried meditation before unsuccessfully. Gloria has helped me break through my skepticism and actually use the meditation tools.
— Gretchen, Chief Operating Officer at Emancipet