about us


what we do

Recalibrate provides go-getters a modern, science-based approach to mindfulness, neurowellness, and stress management. Our clients love us because we understand real stress, educate with eye-opening science, and teach realistic tools that are actually applicable to everyday lives.

why we exist

  • To destigmatize mental self-care with science

  • To provide accessible tools for everyday zen

  • To enrich lives with meaning & connection

what makes us different

Recalibrate avoids the esoteric practices that often make mindfulness and stress relief feel unrelatable or inaccessible. We focus on pragmatic science and uncomplicated applications that empower clients to live better on a daily basis. See our Google reviews here and testimonials here!

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Recalibrate Austin Mindfulness Meditation Instructor Neurowellness Gloria Chan Owner Founder

the roots of Recalibrate

Hi hi! I’m Gloria, the founder of Recalibrate.

I’m a former consulting executive with nearly a decade of corporate experience. In my consulting career, I owned a multi-million-dollar P&L of client accounts, directed project delivery, and worked directly with Fortune 50 to 500 CXOs in technical, strategic, and operational capacities. A sample of my previous clients include Comcast, UnitedHealth Group, Spectrum, and USAA while I was at Sense Corp. Prior to consulting, I also spent a few years in corporate finance and M&A.

My story behind Recalibrate is an unexpected one. I spent a long time deep in the high-stress grind, and despite recommendations to try meditation, I was a pretty strong skeptic.

In late 2017, I had a very unexpected medical battle with chronic, debilitating migraines. I tried all kinds of high-powered medication, but nothing stuck — until I decided to re-evaluate my skepticism towards mindfulness and gave it another shot. After learning about the neuroscience behind mindfulness, things started to click. It was around then that I realized that often times, you need an understanding of scientific benefit before you can start to transform a behavior or habit.

I soon realized how lacking but needed stress relief and mental wellness education and services are in today’s high-pressure world — where we wear stress as a badge of honor, but stigmatize slowing down or taking care of ourselves. So, in 2018, I opened Recalibrate, on a mission to help people think clearer, feel better, and live happier.

To learn more about my background, head to my full bio here.

about our logo

Recalibrate’s represents a mindfulness-based, all-encompassing, all-accepting nod to the many states of human minds, bodies, and hearts — sometimes open, sometimes closed; sometimes balanced, sometimes off-kilter; sometimes connected, sometimes isolated —but always, no matter what, beautiful, as they are.

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